SAP University Alliance

UMT Alliance with SAP ERP world leading Business Software Company in the world
Currently 300 Universities have an Alliance with SAP. 
In Pakistan only three Public Universities IBM Karachi, IBA Karachi and Sukkur University are the member of SAP University Alliance Network. 
University of Management and Technology (UMT) is the first University in Punjab (public and private sector, both) which has successfully got a University Alliance with SAP.
UMT will gain from this Academic Alliance, most prominent of which are as follows:

  • Hands-on experience with the world’s leading business software.
  • Better understanding of how businesses are run (acquiring the language of business).
  • Greater employability potential with higher pay and a more rewarding career.
  • Higher job satisfaction as students are better prepared and motivated.
  • Achieve leadership in education. Become part of a global network of leading universities.
  • Competitive advantage for graduate employment.
  • Better opportunities for industry collaboration with the corporations.
  • Professional development of faculty members.

Other benefits include Teaching and Training manuals on ERP Modules from SAP available for UMT. Faculty members can also access the University Alliance Community Portal for other useful materials and best Practices. SAP provide UMT a range of E-Tutorials, Hands on Projects, Customer use Cases and Videos as supplementary teaching materials.
SAP offered a range from basic ERP Modules to more advanced application like Business Intelligence, Customer Relationship Management, to the latest knowledge in Big Data and Business Analytics. This is the hottest area in the corporate world today where Companies wants to gather data about Customer behavior, Financial Performance etc.

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