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Dr. Ammar A. Raja

Dr. Ammar A. Raja is the Disruptive Data Scientist, and believe in using the power of Big Data Analytics to disrupt everything from the Banking sector to the Government. He is working in Cognitive Computing using IBM Watson, is on IBM Academic Initiative, which gives him full access to IBM Supercomputer Watson's Computing capabilities. Also working in Microsoft Oxford Project Vision and Speech API's, created a face recognition app with Oxford Face API, and working on integrating it with LUIS (Language Understanding Intelligent Service) to incorporate Sound in API.

Skilled in all aspects of data scraping, cleaning, visualizing , and deploying Data products using R Statistical Programming Language. Use the following Data and Web Technologies to take R's computing capabilities tot he next Level: [HTML, XML, JSON] (These are the three predominant formats in which data is available online), [HTTP, HTTPS, SSL(Secure Socket Layer), OAuth, SAML,](Transfer Protocols and Authentication Services), Use Selenium to get data from AJAX enriched pages, [SQL & Relational Databases, NoSQL, MongoDB, HP Vertica,] (For Data Storage and dynamic retrieving), Regular Expression and essential string functions( For Data Cleaning, stringr is quite handy), Representational state transfer (REST) APIs, [ggplot2 in R, IBM Watson Analytics Visualizations, Tableau](For Data Visualizations). I prefer Web Based SAAS(Software as a Service) User Interfaces for all platforms, not a huge face R Shinny apps because of scalability issues.

[R's CARET Package, Tensorflow, Microsoft Distributed Machine Learning Toolkit, IBM Apache System ML] (Machine Learning, Deep Learning), Real Time Streaming Analytics (Apache Storm), Cluster Computing (Apache Spark), Azure & AWS (Cloud Computing).


Dr. Nauman Shah

With extensive experience in using serious games to make training more immersive, engaging and motivating, Nauman aims to bring an innovative change in the education system by providing an interactive and immersive teaching environment. His research interests include gamification of Information Systems training modules to provide simulation based experience to the students.          

Nauman has done his PhD in Computer Science from University of Hertfordshire where he worked as a research associate for a European Commission–funded project, Supervised Care and Rehabilitation Involving Personal Tele-Robotics (SCRIPT).

 INTEREST AREAS                       

 Gamification, Serious games, Information Systems, Simulation training, VR, Behavioural c


 Analyzing the effects ERP implementation in HEIs on staff perception, motivation and behavior.      

Worked in collaboration with a European Commission–funded project, Supervised Care and Rehabilitation Involving Personal Tele-Robotics (SCRIPT) -, aimed identify the key design features of games that enhance the stroke patients', with limited motor movements, experience of therapy sessions and effectively motivating them into participating more actively in the therapy.

Mian Usman Sattar

Usman Sattar has more than ten years of training and consultancy experience in the fields of Information System & System Security. He has conducted several trainings in his area of interest for national & multinational clients with respect to industrial focus. Usman has done his MS in Information Technology Management from University of Sunderland, United Kingdom. He has also been able to motivate participants to develop and enhance their analytical abilities and use IT resources intelligently for the solutions of day to day problems.


Enterprise Systems, Information Systems Development & Management, Supply Chain Management Systems, Technology Management & Consulting, HRIS, Technopreneurship, Systems Thinking, Web Marketing Strategy, IT Project Management


Giving IS Consultancy at many online projects (most focusing and triggering project is http://  

Usman Khalid

Usman Khalid

Usman aims to develop better industry practices by using process reengineering and Information systems to help achieve optimum efficiency and effectiveness. With Bachelors in Operations Management and Masters in Information Systems, he has gained a unique perspective on how to implement technology in the corporate sector. His experience as a Quality Auditor (ISO 9001:and ISO 14001) has helped him help different companies take steps that are beneficial to the organization as well as the environment. Usman has also helped tailor-make Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) software and Inventory Control Systems (ICS) for companies seeking to enhance their technology platform. His latest venture was with an Australian Firm called Tandou, in which he used a multiple-regression model to help predict fluctuations in water entitlements.

Usman is also on the board of Jibraan Khalid Foundation for Life, an NGO which aims to promote education in the rural areas of Pakistan. The organization builds libraries, gives funds teachers and micro-finances a variety of different projects.


Information Systems, Enterprise Systems, Knowledge Management System, IT Project Management, Decision Support Systems

Data Mining, Data Warehousing, Decision Support Systems


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