Director's Message

Dr. Ammar Raja

 I have seen this world changing in front of me, upside down.

In 1999, I touched a computer for the first time, and was so intrigued. I used to play games on my super Nintendo console before that, but I never thought about how the games were created, how the machines are made. But, when I first saw a Pentium first generation CPU, a Monitor, a Mouse, and a keyboard, I saw opportunity.

An opportunity to create programs which will actually do stuff as per my instructions, and I started creating since that day and never looked back.

Today, I work as a Data Scientist which is a subset of Artificial Intelligence, teach Data Science, and try to inspire young minds to use technology to transform the future. We are on a tipping point, we have the resources and knowledge to have a shot at solving our biggest problems. That’s the very reason I joined Center for Enterprise Technology Advancement as Director.

Together, we can combine the resources and knowledge to empower people to reach their true potential. The purpose of the center is to kindle the spark of enthusiasm in you, not only to learn these new technologies, but envision the future and set the direction for the tomorrow's technological advancements.


Dr. Ammar A. Raja


Center for Enterprise & Technology Advancement

UMT, Lahore