IBM Data Scientist WorkBench

 IBM Data Scientist Workbench is an all-in-one solution for programmers, data engineers, data journalists, and data scientists who are interested in running their data analysis in the cloud. 

It includes Jupyter notebooks (often simply known as IPython notebooks amongst Python developers), Apache Zeppelin notebooks, a web version of RStudio IDE, OpenRefine to clean messy data before processing, and Apache Spark to handle large volumes of data.

Being a well-orchestrated collection of Open Source tools, your notebooks and data are not locked and can be exported for offline use whenever you want.

Python, R, and Scala are supported at the time of writing. Your workbench runs in a virtual machine which currently provides you with 100 GB of disk space, and 16 GB of RAM. This leads to processing that is faster than most people’s laptops. Thus you don’t have to mess your laptop up, slow it down, or spend hours installing anything. Instead, everything can be handled conveniently from a browser, from anywhere you find yourself.

CETA trains Data Scientists using IBM Data Scientist Workbench, so that the trainees get well versed in the Cloud Data Science Infrastructure.

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