R is the de facto queen of Data Science, it's a powerful language and environment for statistical computing and graphics and has more than 10,000 packages which can used to do pretty much everything in Data Science. Inspired by the innovations of R users in science, education, and industry, RStudio develops open tools for R and enterprise-ready professional products for teams to scale and share work.

CETA has partnered with R Studio to get access to its pro editions like R Studio Server. RStudio Server enables you to provide a browser based interface to a version of R running on a remote Linux server, bringing the power and productivity of the RStudio IDE to server-based deployments of R.

Jessica Brennan, Business manager at R studio said I am happy to approve a free RStudio Server Pro license  to UMT, and looking forward to it’s applications in the various data science industry projects by the students of Pakistan.

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