Dr Ammar Aftab Raja

Dr. Ammar A.Raja is a Disruptive Data Scientist, and believes in using the power of Big Data Analytics to disrupt everything from the Banking sector to the Government. Currently he is working on projects involving Real Time Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Cognitive Computing using IBM’s Supercomputer Watson, Fintech and Data Driven Web applications.

Dr. Raja is on IBM’s Academic Initiative and IBM Watson Analytics Faculty program which gives him full access to Watson’s Computing capabilities. Dr. Raja has a PhD in Finance from London School of Economics & Political Science, and has researched pricing complex Derivatives Contracts I.e. Options.  He has worked in the Fintech and Banking Industry (Lazard Investment Bank) in United Kingdom before joining Academia in Pakistan.

He has also worked as Assistant Professor of Finance in Comsats Islamabad for three years before moving to University of Management & Technology (UMT) Lahore as Assistant Professor of Business Analytics. Currently he is teaching Data Science and Business Analytics at UMT along with doing workshops on Data Science Applications for the Corporate Sector.  Dr. Raja is working on a number of projects including a startup to provide real time property price analytics by structuring all the unstructured data from the web and then provide real time insights to users in the form of dynamic visualizations on the basis of that data.