Usman Khalid

With Bachelors in Operations Management and Masters in Information Systems, he has gained a unique perspective on how to implement technology in the corporate sector. His experience as a  Quality Auditor (ISO 9001:and ISO 14001) has helped him help different companies take steps that are beneficial to the organization as well as the environment.

Usman has also helped tailor-make Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) software and Inventory Control Systems (ICS) for companies seeking to enhance their technology platform. His latest venture was with an Australian Firm called Tandou, in which he used a multiple-regression model to help predict fluctuations in water entitlements.Usman is also on the board of Jibraan Khalid Foundation for Life, an NGO which aims to promote education in the rural areas of Pakistan.

The organization builds libraries, gives funds teachers and micro-finances a variety of different projects. Where as his interest areas includes Information Systems, Enterprise Systems, Knowledge Management System, IT Project Management, Decision Support Systems, Data Mining, Data Warehousing, Decision Support Systems