Usman Sattar

Mr. Usman Sattar has more than ten years of training and consultancy experience in the fields of Information System & System Security. He has conducted several trainings in his area of interest for national & multinational clients with respect to industrial focus. His expertise in Enterprise Resource Planning software has enabled him to train a wide variety of people on how to use IT solutions. He firmly believes that Pakistan is on the fast track towards becoming a digital economy, therefore, it is necessary for different organizations to adopt ERP software for surviving in the higher competition that is to follow.

Usman is also a Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator and Trainer. Being aware of the latest teaching trends, he believes the best approach to preparing participants is problem based learning in which students are open to find a solution that is both effective and innovative. Usman is a certified user of one note, the application used by Microsoft for collaborative learning and office 365. He has gained expertise in cloud-based solutions through collaborations with Microsoft and enabled different organizations to shift on to much cheaper and efficient solutions. 

Being an Educator Community Contributor, Usman believes that through sharing knowledge with the community worldwide, we can grow as a society. Through this platform, he is in touch with industrial leaders and ivy league professors and believes he is a student and a teacher in this domain.  

Usman has done his MS in Information Technology Management from University of Sunderland, United Kingdom. Usman is currently working as Director Bachelor of Business and Information Systems (BBIS). One of his key responsibilities is to identify market trends and change the course offering so that when participants enter the market, they are trained in the most popular resource available. This has helped him establish close ties with the industry in general. His role is to help participants achieve their full potential by focusing not just on their studies, but also on grooming and implementation of practical solutions. 

With Bachelors in Operations Management and Masters in Information Systems, he has gained a unique perspective on how to implement technology in the corporate sector. His experience as a  Quality Auditor (ISO 9001:and ISO 14001) has helped him help different companies take steps that are beneficial to the organization as well as the environment.