Enterprise Resource Planning


In this degree program we enable the students to learn the basics of ERP and its key modules that including Financials, Supply Chain Management, Human Resource and Customer Relationship Management. This program designed in such a way that will improve the learning and knowledge as well as enhance its real-time experience by doing hands on practice on the ERP software. At the end of each course performance of the students will be evaluated by taking final exam according to real-time scenario.

Course Syllabus

Introduction to Enterprise Resource Planning

This section has been divided into two parts. The first consist of brief introduction to ERP which emphasis on the Microsoft Dynamics Axapta i.e. its Installation and Configuration. Following are the details of the sub-courses that will be apart of the indigenous program;

         a)Microsoft Dynamics AX Installation and Configuration:

This course will teach students how to use, maintain, plan and support MS Dynamics AX 2012 R3 installation and configuration. Students will be able to manage: users and security, services and workflows, analytics and reporting, enterprise Portals, and administration.

b)Microsoft Dynamics Axapta – Application Overview:

This course provides students with an introduction to Enterprise Resource Planning focusing on Microsoft Dynamics AX2012. The purpose of this course is to give new users an overview of the benefits of the application, the functionality available, navigation and the underlying technology. Students will have the opportunity to use the application to perform typical end-user tasks.

 Microsoft Dynamics AX Foundation in Financial:

This foundation level being offered from the platform of CETA ensures that studens will be availing reliable, fast, and comprehensive knowledge of accounting, analysis, and financial reporting.The candidates will be undergoing all the functionalities that would enhance there learning and skillset to update accounts efficiently with reporting requirements. This MCTS certification includes Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Fixed Assets, and Expense Management.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Foundation in Supply Chain:

As the name suggests this foundation in Supply Chain provides the participants with the necessary tools and resources to perform basic tasks in the trade and inventory flow in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

This course is intended for anyone who wishes to learn the basic features and develop a proeffficient knowledge of the daily practices and procedures required to effectively use Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Supply Chain functionality.

At Course Completion After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Create products and product masters.
  • Create purchase orders and sales orders.  
  • Generate purchase and sales transactions.
  • Create and correct packing slip and product receipts.
  • Set up quality control.
  • Use quality orders.  
  • Set up quality management.
  • Understand non conformances.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Foundation in Human Resource Management:

This course has been designed to make the participants get to know the functionalities and operations of the HR and Payroll personnel. This operation includes whole cycle of the phases and deployment of HR and Payroll Modules. Moreover the participants will also learn to develop the expert skills to track the worker setup including earnings, deductions, absences, compensation, etc. the performance, benefits, payments and schedules can also be defined and managed using these modules which are the key features of the course.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Foundation in Customer Relationship Management:

This CRM Applications training course has been designed to train those sales candidates who desire to enhance their Customer Relationship Management skills. Furthermore the prime objective of this course would be to focus on introduction of CRM, Sales, Service features and Modules. Cost effective techniques will also be the prime area's of the course.

Final Exam

After the completion of each course students will be assigned by a scenario based paper that will be considered as final exam.


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