SAP B1 - Logistics 

In these topics, you will learn the process steps for procurement for purchasing items and
services. You will also learn how to effectively solve common business issues that arise during
the procurement process.
In these topics, you will learn how to perform steps in the sales process from pre-sales through
cash. You will learn how to set up customer records and how to streamline and automate your
sales process.
In these topics, you will see how to set up your item master data effectively, use item groups to
simplify reporting and inventory management, set up units of measurement groups, and define
the inventory valuation of goods.
The inventory topics introduce to managing and tracking the movement of goods in and out of
your warehouses. You will learn how to set up a warehouse, create goods movement documents,
set up and use serial numbers and batches to track your items, and perform a physical count for
your inventory.

These topics introduce you to the concepts for pricing in SAP Business One. You will learn how
to create and manage pricelists. You will see how you can use various types of discounts and
special prices to meet your pricing needs.
In these topics you will see how to manage bill of materials in your system and learn about the
production process starting from the production order and ending with receiving the finished
item into the inventory.
In addition, the Production - Resource topic introduces you to the new 9.1 Resource Master Data,
and explains how to use the resource in the production process and manage the resource
Material Requirement Management (MRP)
This area contains an overview of the MRP process and demonstrates how to run MRP for a
purchased item.