Video Editing

How to edit video in Photoshop

Tool: Premiere Pro

Learn to edit video clips from your DSLR or point and shoot camera into a finished movie. Include titles, transitions, and audio. Color correct video with the tools you know in Photoshop.

  • In Photoshop, start by choosing Motion option and make sure the Timeline tab shows at the bottom.
  • You can arrange the order of the video clips by dragging them in the timeline.
  • Simply drag the pointer to where you want a clip to start and end.
  • Add transitions and fades by clicking the Transitions icon. Choose Cross Fade and drag it between the two clips to transition from one video to another.
  • To add audio clips, click the Audio Track icon.
  • To add a text in your video, use the Text tool. Drag the text layer above the video group if you want the text to appear above the video clip.