Practical Web design and Development

Practical Web Design and Development 

Price: 15,000
Duration: 1 month

Session 1

Basics of E-Commerce and its importance

Domain Registration and Hosting

Project Description

Session 2

Introduction to CPanel and OpenCart,

Installation of OpenCart,  Create new Page

Contact Us Page, Email management in CPanel 

Session 3

What is Catalog? Create Categories in OpenCart

Add Simple Products, Product Settings,

Understanding Checkout Procedure

Session 4

Product Attributes and Options, Product Variations

Discounts, and Special Products, Use of Coupons

Session 5

OpenCart Customization, Working with Currency, Language, Basic Units

File Manager in Cpanel, OpenCart File Structure,

Update Theme & Layouts, Working with Banners

Session 6

Extensions in OpenCart, Payment Extensions, Shipping Settings

How to configure different extensions

Session 7

What is SEO? Configuring keywords and descriptions for SEO,

Setting Alt for images, SEO for product page,

How to create backup through OpenCart and CPanel, Restore Site

Session 8

Project Presentation