Certificate in Data Science and AI Application Development

A first hands on workshop in Pakistan. A two-session workshop with flood of Knowledge. The purpose of this workshop is to introduce the research and technology development trends in all over the world in the area of data science and artificial intelligence (The sexiest Job of 21st Century) to students, researchers and professionals at umt platform. UMT is the leading university in Pakistan that offers variety of courses in the field of Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science.

Session 1:

Theoretical + Informatic

Session 2:

Theoretical + Practical

Topics Included

  • Basic Concepts and Intro to Data Science, data science and its applications in real life.
  • Basic Concepts and Intro to Machine Learning, its application and types supervised, unsupervised, semi supervised , self-supervised (Theory)
  • Supervised Learning: Linear Regression and Classification-> logistic regression (theory
    + Practical)
  • Unsupervised learning: Clustering (k-means and hierarchical) (Theory +practical)

Language: Python

On completion, students will have gained the analytical skills required to open the doors to a lucrative career as a Data Scientist.

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