Social Media Marketing

Social Media

Social media has changed the way that businesses sell, promote, and deliver their goods and services in ways that no one could have predicted ten years ago. Regardless of your level of involvement with social media, companies are using information gathered from these sources to target advertising, design promotions, and even create new products in almost real time. Social media is not the answer to all marketing woes, and although it brings great benefit to both the consumer and the company, there is an upside and downside to this communication approach that businesses need to realize. In this training you’ll learn more about the social media marketing revolution and then have a look at what social media reveals to marketers about you!

Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Social Media Optimization(SMO)

  • Introduction to Social Media Marketing.
  • Introduction to Social Media Optimization
  • Basic Tools for Graphic Designing
  • How to Design logo on Canva
  • How to design social Media Post & Cover Photo
  • What is the difference between Ad Manager and Business Manager?
  • Fundamentals of Social Media Advertising
  • Types of Campaign
  • How to create Custom Audience
  • What is laser targeting and to do this efficiently
  • How to create Lookalike Audience
  • What is Sniper Targeting and how to do it affectively? How to set Biding strategy
  • What is cost correction (Cost Cap, Bid Cap) What are updated different ad policies?
  • What is Facebook Mock Up (instant experience) How to set Dynamic Ad
  • What are Static Ad and how to set it affectively How to create shop
  • How to create catalog
  • What is Facebook pixel integration How to do sales tracking
  • How to Start own Real-Estate Business through Facebook Leads Generation
  • How to do Return on Investment (ROI) tracking
  • How to do Return on Ad Spending (ROAS) tracking
  • How to set Facebook event Manager
  • Facebook Commerce Manager
  • How to set Facebook Market Place
  • How create Conversion ad
  • Facebook Tracking (Sales Funnel)
  • Web Partner Integration
  • Facebook Android SDK
  • Facebook IOS SDK
  • App Installation through Facebook
  • How to rank your Facebook page on Google, Bing Search Engine


  • How to do influencer marketing How to set Instagram secrets
  • Instagram Business Account
  • Instagram Creator Account
  • Instagram Audience
  • What is Instagram Business Ad Manager
  • Direct Marketing through Instagram
  • Instagram Reels
  • Instagram Competitors Hack strategy
  • Instagram Hashtags


  • Whatsapp About
  • Business Profile
  • Quick Replies
  • Automatic Greeting Message
  • Whatsapp Catalogs
  • Interactive Business Message
  • Whatsapp Catalogue
  • Whatsapp Business Features to Use and to Avoid
  • Sales Funnel
  • What You Can Sell on Whatsapp

Muhammad Awais Khan

CEO Intra Wings

Google Certified, Cisco Certified

Corporate trainer & Consultant at atlas group, Samsung Pakistan, Grand millennium hotel group, Sapphire, ICT group, Pakistan Camber of Commerce, Channel 24, City 42, 92 News, Print Pak, Textile Chemical, E-Commerce & Real-Estate Consultant.

Training Experience: More then 10 Years

Expertise: Digital Marketing, SEO, SMM, SMO, Freelancing, Affiliate Marketing, E-Commerce, Dropshipping

Course Teacher

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