Analytical Visualization for Professionals

In this training you will learn:

  • Basic understanding of business dashboards and analytics.
  • How to organize your data set?
  • Visual representation of data.
  • Details of Dynamics Charts and Graphs.
  • Basic understanding of spreadsheets.
  • Conceptual understanding of spreadsheet formulas.
  • Basic understanding of different professional dashboard models.
  • How to build one for your business??
  • Functionalities and practical applications of dashboard builder tools in spreadsheet.
  • Real Time analysis of company’s data and figure out final results.
  • Entry of future projections and analytical view of the results.

About the Trainer:

Mr. Hamza Wazir Khan has six years of diversified professional experience which have always been public interaction oriented assignments speaks volumes of Hamza’s passion for innovation and people. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Web based applications for business, Search Engine optimization, digital marketing and Business analytics, visualization are his most interesting, interactive and innovative trainings.


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