Unity Certification

Become a Unity Certified Developer and show employers you have the Unity skills they are looking for to improve your chances of landing that dream job doing what you love most — making games.

Course Duration

Unity Certification will constitute of sixteen 3 hours instructor led sessions over the weekends. Two weekend sessions will be offered for two month, therefore the complete certification will be completed in two months. Since a Unity Certification constitute of multiple courses and after taking two month course the participants will be awrded by unity certification. 

Fee Structure 

Unity Certification will cost Rs. 30,000/- for training cost and Rs. 5,000/- for certification cost.So the complete Unity training and Certification, which comprises of two month duration will cost Rs 35,000/- . UMT students will get Rs 5,000/- discount on the complete Unity training and Certification which will result in total fee of  Rs 30,000/-.

Certification Syllabus

Unity Training and Certification Detail

  1. Welcome to Unity
  2. Exploring the Unity User Interface
  3. Using Game Objects and Assets
  4. Managing Projects and Assets
  5. Preparing Assets for Implementation
  6. Assembling the Game Level
  7. Lighting in Games
  8. Baking Lighting in Game Production
  9. Animating Game Objects in the Unity Editor
  10. Bringing Animations into the Game
  11. Scripting in Game Development
  12. Implementing Navigation and Pathfinding
  13. Building the Player and Allies
  14. Building the Enemies
  15. Creating Particle Systems
  16. Adding Audio to Game Levels
  17. Building the Camera and Player Selection System
  18. Designing User Interfaces for Games
  19. Building and Deploying the Game
  20. Preparing for Mobile Deployment

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