Our Vision

The core functions of Center for Enterprise Technology Advancement (CETA) will be: 

  • To Offering Diplomas on ERP
  • To Conduct Training's in IKL Dubai and in University of Management & Technology (UMT) Pakistan
  • To Conduct Seminars & Events
  • To Get Approval of ERP certification courses from Microsoft in every semester.

2: CETA’s establishment and development with SAP, ORACLE & MICROSOFT. I am pleased to inform you that all three solution providers have appreciated our progress and have expressed interest in collaborating with us on this project.

3: As you recall, I promised fully sponsored ERP conferences in UMT and IKL, Dubai. We would be utilizing the platform of CETA to engage in sponsorship negotiations with local as well as global actors.

4: CETA will establish its own library for the multidisciplinary courses designed by SAP, ORACLE and MICROSOFT. The library will house the entire ERP module.


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