Welcome to the Freelancing Mastery Course, your gateway to unlocking the limitless potential of freelance entrepreneurship. In a world where work is evolving, freelancing has emerged as a beacon of autonomy, creativity, and financial freedom. It's a world where you are the boss, the creator, and the architect of your career. Whether you dream of escaping the traditional 9-to-5 grind, or you're an experienced freelancer seeking to level up your game, this course is your compass on the exhilarating journey of freelancing. We will navigate the vast landscape of freelancing, from choosing your niche to mastering client relationships, and from conquering time management to building a brand that sets you apart

Session – I

  • Introduction session
  • Introduction to Freelancing
  • Types of Freelancing Marketplace
  • Pros and Cons of Freelancing
  • Freelancing as a career

Session – II

  • Types of skills required for a freelancer
    • Communication skills
    • Time management
    • Professional attire
    • Presentation of work
    • Defining Project Deliverables

Session – III

  • Basic Requirements to become a good freelancer
  • Selection of skill
  • Top in Demand skills in Freelancing Career
  • Things to avoid as a Freelancer

Session – IV

  • Setting Price for yourself
  • Calculate hours
  • Time Management
  • Freelancing Behavior
  • Set a project scope
  • Win your client’s trust

Session – V

  • Traditional Freelancing Marketplace Vs Modern Freelancing Marketplace
  • Traditional Freelancing Marketplace Introduction
    • People per hour
    • Upwork
  • Non-Traditional Freelancing Marketplace Introduction
    • Shutterstock
    • 99 Designs
    • Social Media

Session – VI

  • Traditional Freelancing Marketplace (Will use Upwork as a base)
  • Creating Account
  • Understanding of platform
    • Profile Setting
    • Payment Setting
    • What are connects and how to buy them
    • Searching of projects
    • Using Search filters
    • Getting Bank Account (IBAN – Swift Code)
    • Create a Profile
    • 5 main tips for creating a perfect profile
    • Profile Picture – Why it’s important
    • Profile Description
    • Importance of a Portfolio and how to create it?

Session – VII

  • Upwork Freelancing Platform (Continue…)
  • Feedback and Client Reviews for Profile
  • Creation of Thumbnails and Graphics for Profile
  • How to select the right Project?
  • Identify Fake Vs Real Projects
  • Profession Response to Customer
  • High Price Vs Low Price Projects
  • Writing Proposal
  • Showing Authentication to client

Session – VIII

  • Non-Traditional Freelancing Marketplace (Fiverr and others)
  • How non-traditional freelancing platforms work
  • Introduction to Fiverr
  • Creating an account on Fiverr
  • Creating an effective profile on Fiverr
  • What are Gigs?
  • How to create a Gig that ranks
  • How to set price for the Gig
  • What to do before accepting any offer

Session – IX

  • Will have some Class activities, like
  • Writing bids for some sample projects
  • Will create some Gigs for Fiverr

Session – X


  • How to manage orders
  • How to manage communication after order is received and accepted
  • Dispute Management
  • How to close a project
  • How to ask for a review

Session – XI

  • Social Media for Freelancing
    • LinkedIn
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Youtube

Session – XII

  • Role of AI in freelancing and how to use it effectively like ChatGPT and others
  • Final thoughts and professional career advice for new Freelancers
  • Final Question and Answers

Trainers Profile

Mr. Zeeshan Ahmed

Zeeshan Ahmed, a seasoned professional with 15 years of extensive experience, has been a driving force in the IT industry. Throughout his career, Zeeshan has held prominent roles, including the coveted position of Head of Business Development, contributing significantly to the growth and success of various IT companies in Pakistan. His wealth of knowledge and experience has made him a sought-after expert in the field, making invaluable contributions to the tech landscape. With a deep understanding of the industry's ins and outs, Zeeshan is a professional who continues to inspire and lead with excellence.