Our Vision

The World we live in is constantly evolving, and technological innovation has the biggest impact on our lives. Technology provides us the opportunity to solve the problems from the most basic to the overtly complex.

Today, we are setting deadlines to start colonies on Mars, we effectively live two lives one physical and other virtual, and self-driving cars seems like a thing from the past. All this is possible because of Technological advancements.

Right now, our smart phones have more processing powers than the computer which Neil Armstrong used to set foot on moon. The opportunities are endless, we just need to create an ecosystem to foster this culture, and that is the vision of Center for Enterprise & Technological Advancement (CETA), to empower people using technology to get the best out of them.

Technology is a level playing field, it doesn’t ask you where you come from, where are you located, how do you look like. The only thing which matters is what you can do.  So let’s just do it, come join us to transform the world using technology.


Dr. Ammar Aftab Raja
Director CETA

Khadeeja Tarar
Public Relations Officer

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