Analytics And Business Intelligence Trends For 2021

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Over the past decade, business intelligence has been revolutionized. Data exploded and became big. We all gained access to the cloud. Spreadsheets finally took a backseat to actionable and insightful data visualizations and interactive business dashboards. The rise of self-service analytics democratized the data product chain. Suddenly advanced analytics wasn’t just for the analysts.

2020 was a particularly major year for the business intelligence industry. The trends we presented last year will continue to play out through 2021. But the BI landscape is evolving and the future of business intelligence is played now, with emerging trends to keep an eye on. In 2021, BI tools and strategies will become increasingly customized. Businesses of all sizes are no longer asking if they need increased access to business intelligence analytics, but what is the best BI solution for their specific business.

Companies are no longer wondering if data visualizations improve analyses but what is the best way to tell each data-story, especially with the help of modern BI dashboard software. 2021 will be the year of data security and data discovery: clean and secure data combined with a simple and powerful presentation. It will also be a year of collaborative BI and artificial intelligence. We are excited to see what this New Year will bring.

What Are The Analytics & Business Intelligence Trends For 2021?

We’ve summed up in this article what the close future of business intelligence looks like for us. Here are the top 10 analytics and business intelligence trends we will talk about in 2021:

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Data Security
  3. Data Discovery/Visualization
  4. SaaS BI
  5. Predictive And Prescriptive Analytics Tools
  6. Real-time Data And Analytics
  7. Collaborative Business Intelligence
  8. Mobile BI
  9. Data Automation
  10. Embedded Analytics

Become Data-driven in 2021!

Being data-driven is no longer an ideal; it is an expectation in the modern business world. 2021 will be an exciting year of looking past all the hype and moving towards to extract the maximum value from state-of-the-art online business intelligence software.

If you’re ready to start your business intelligence journey, or keep up with the 2021 trends.