Online shops and e-commerce that you should follow

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Are you obsessed with keeping up with everything that is going on both in the fields of marketing and entrepreneurship? If that’s the case, we can only say to you, “congratulations”. Staying updated is one of the best and wisest attitudes you can have since every technique or strategy that you don’t know is an opportunity you give your competitors to surpass you. There’s nothing to worry about, here we have a list with the best websites about online shops.

The 11 best online store

It is usually said that information is power, and a truer sentence has never existed. If you already have your business running or even if you haven’t launched it yet, keeping yourself informed is a must. But because you can’t spend countless hours reading e-commerce blogs, today we present a list of websites where you are going to find the most valuable information about the sector. Here you have our top 10:

1. Shopify

Shopify is a business that commercializes a specific software for shops. But don’t think that this blog is just about their software. Their posts are very valuable because they contain lots of tricks and practical information. They talk about marketing, positioning in search engines, publicity and Social Media.

2. Hubspot

Hubspot is another software company, although in this case it is more of a CRM or Customer Relationship Management. They don’t have one, but two blogs. One of them is about marketing and the other one is just about sales. The contents are famous because of the great quantity of statistical data they includeWho hasn’t read a post quoting Hubspot as a source? They are currently developing a tutorials section.

3. Kuombo

Kuombo is an e-commerce agency lead by marketing expert Javier Echaleku. Its contents are very dynamic. Well-structured and full of current information.

4. Get Elastic

Get Elastic is one of the 15 most interesting blogs about entrepreneurship according to the Wall Street Journal. There must be a reason, right? In the blog, they speak about everything related to e-commerce: design, conversion and merchandising. They even have a specific section about sales through smartphones.

5. Gente Ecommerce

And what do you think about an online business blog in which all of the content is written by marketing whizzes? In Gente Ecommerce you can find posts by Carlos Bravo, Sonia Mañé, Iñaki Zubeldia o Eva Marí.

6. Seth Godin

Seth Godin is always a “must read”. He is without a doubt considered one of the best marketing experts in the world. Author of multiple books (and various bestsellers) like “Purple Cow” and “All Marketers Are Liars”. His blog is pure inspiration.

7. Fotografía E-commerce

Fotografía E-commerce is the demonstration of just how important product photographs really are to increase our sales. The whole blog is focused on explaining how to snap these types of photos, though it does also cover any other topic related to online shops.

8. Groove

Groove is a company that offers multiple marketing services to online shops. Their e-commerce blog talks about various topics such as design, SEO, and email marketing. The contents are very well curated. The design of the blog itself makes it an attractive read.

9. BrainSINS

BrainSINS is another company that has a blog with news about electronic commerce. Their contests are very useful when it comes to networking since they give information about many upcoming events. 

10. A Better Lemonade Stand

As soon as you take a glance at the blog A Better Lemonade Stand, you won’t only realize that it is something completely different, but also very valuable. This blog is the one for you if you are somebody who is always looking for tutorials, success stories, or extremely useful content. 

11. The Referral Candy

The Referral Candy is one of the best marketing resources available out there to learn about word of mouth marketing. Launched in 2010, this blog contains a large depository of articles that have been updated over the years to catch up with recent marketing trends. Referral Candy, being a tool that’s mostly used by online stores, has maintained a sharp focus on ecommerce marketing, helping store owners and marketers develop strategies that attract new customers while retaining their existing ones.