The Data Manifesto

The Data Manifesto

Pulling down data from the Web, and re purposing it so in real time or short time to produce visualizations and publish them back on the web is very much the character of data science activities.

Now lets just think about the possibilities. We have this infinite data, which has tremendous value, which needed to be unlocked. The basic way of doing this, I just gave in the first paragraph. If you can learn fast, then start learning R programming,a and experiment on the web, especially find out how can you get the data from web using R. That's the hardest part, once you have done it, you have to clean the data, and R is your darling for that, then make visualizations, and share them on internet, that I leave to you, use your imagination on how you can do that.

So there is data about everything on internet from the big bloody Banks to the Grotesque Government. Use the power of data science to disrupt them, bring them down if they are not willing to change their ways. 

Its not destruction, its disruption, Big Data Analytics is going to force the markets to become more efficient, kill the monopolies, damage the bureaucracies, and wipe out the novice and the inefficient. In this age, there is no room for mediocrity, so where ever you see mediocrity, expose it using Big Data Analytics, Challenge it by bringing a better alternative, the sky is not the limit here, its your imagination.

I am working on a Property Analytics Portal to disrupt the Property Market. I want to make the market more efficient by providing timely and actionable information to all the property investors out there based on real time data. After I am done with this, Global banking is next on my list, I want to empower small investors who don't have the resources to compete with the Big Power Houses. 

I can only assure the general public that they will get timely and actionable information through my product in order to make the best possible decision.  I am sharing this here because I want others to think like that as well, and disrupt with data, I cannot take on the whole world, but I will do whatever I can, and I wish to inspire others to do whatever is in their domain.

No experience required to do this, if you want to get started, get in touch, if you are a data guy, but are struggling to put your ideas into practice, get in touch, you will only be ignored if you don't dare to do something, so let's do something with data.

By Ammar A. Raja

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