Nanodegree is a combination of courses and practical project, which are offered from CETA’s platform. Nanodegrees are intended to impart detailed technical knowledge in the most vibrant technological advancements in the form of modules along with capstone application project.

Students will complete four core courses, all these courses will include projects, which students will save to form a portfolio of projects. The portfolio of the projects will be supplemented with the Capstone Project which will be detailed implementation of the subject of Nanodegree.

Students who complete a single course in the Nanodegree will be granted certificate in that course. When the student will complete the four required courses and the final capstone project, they will be granted the individual courses certificates along with the Nanodegree in that specific specialization.

The biggest benefit the student will gain from a Nanodegree is the portfolio which they make during their coursework and project. This portfolio can be presented to prospective employers to signal student’s ability.

Flexibility is another benefit i.e The student can start with one course or multiple courses according to his schedule on Weekends. They will have to follow the structure of the Nanodegree, but they will have the flexibility to complete it on their own pace.

Duration of Nanodegree

The Nano-Degree Program starts from the July 2017. Each course in the Nanodegree will constitute of eight 1.5 hours instructor led sessions over the weekends. Two consecutive sessions will be offered every weekend for a month, therefore one course can be completed in one month.

Since a Nanodegree constitute of four courses and a Capstone project which is equal to one full degree, the whole Nanodegree can be completed in five months. This is the minimum time, but the students have the flexibility to take courses according to their schedules. So the students can delay taking a course if they want, and the maximum time to finish a Nanodegree is one year.

Fee Structure 

Each course will cost 20,000 Rs. So the complete Nanodegree, which comprises of five courses will cost 100,000 Rs. UMT students will get 5,000 Rs. discount on all Nanodegrees courses which will result in total fee of  15000 Rs. per course.


We have acquired the most advanced Analytics Software by forming academic collaborations with the Tech Companies. We are the first University in Pakistan to get Campus Access for IBM’s Supercomputer Watson. Apart from that Rstudio (The most widely used Analytics Programming Language) has granted us an Academic Subscription of Rstudio Server, which is normally 10,000 dollars per node. We also have access to software from Tableau, RapidMiner, BigML, Microsoft Machine Learning Studio. We have arranged the required software access to run the center.

Target Audience

Target audience of Nanodegrees is Students in Lahore & Surroundings.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Requirement for admission will be

Those who have completed F.A/ F.Sc/ I.C.S/I.Com/A-Level or equivalent with minimum second division are eligible for the nano-degree program.